What content do I have to include in my One Pager?

A One Pager is like a “short summary of the executive summary”, where you have to explain all your benefits and do it in an attractive way, since the goal is to seduce. If you do not know how to start, here are some key points you can follow:

  • Summary phrase: the sexiest sentence.
  • Problem: What problem are you solving or improving?
  • Solution: What is your solution or improvement?
  • Product: What kind of product is it? What features does it have?
  • Market: Who are our competitors? Why are you better than them?
  • Milestones: What are the most important moments? What goals do you have?

Remember that it is important that everything you send does not exceed one side of a page.

If you want to know more about what content you can include in your One Pager you can read this post (ES):  Qué es y cómo diseñar un buen One Pager, Parte I.

If you want to use our template to prepare the content you will send us, you can download it from this link

How do I make the payment?

When we accepted your order, we will send you a budget as a confirmation with all the details. In this document you will find the necessary data to make a bank transfer. After receiving the confirmation of the transfer, we will start working :-)

What will I receive after I made the payment?

First of all, we will send you a preview of your One Pager with watermarks. Once you confirm that everything is correct, we will send you the final version of the One Pager in PDF. If you select the editable version, we will send you a Keynote and a Power Point too, so that you can modify anything that may change over time. 

What happens if I am not satisfied with the design of the One Pager that I received?

After receiving the preview with watermarks, you may detect an error or maybe you do not agree with our criteria (it does not usually happen). In this case, you should respond to the email detailing what you think does not fit and, after reviewing it, we will propose you what we can do: from doing the changes without additional cost to review the budget. We can always return the full amount if you are not satisfied with the proposal. However, you will always have to request it before receiving the final version of One Pager.

Will my work be public?

No. We admire and respect the work of our clients, for that reason, we never make public the documents that they send us or those we make for them, unless they ask us expressly. You don’t have to worry because we do not share anything without the express permission of the other party.