Onepager.design is an initiative of Soluble Studio to bring good design to startups. A One Pager is often the first touch point of a startup with its potential investors and institutions, so it has more relevance than it is often given.



Ismael Barros, co-founder of Soluble, started designing One Pagers in 2013 and since 2014 he is a collaborative mentor of Wayra and Telefónica Open Future for everything that has to do with strategic design. His job is to empower startup brands and help them to be attractive for investors.

Thanks to this opportunity we have worked on more than 100 One Pager documents, which has allowed us to identify problems that are repeated over and over again and that are very easy to correct. 

We have identified that there is a lack of awareness of these documents potential (and the consequent lack of care during their preparation). onepager.design wants to help startups to win over their audiences in just a few seconds, transmitting and communicating directly and clearly who they are, what they do and why they are important for those who read the document.

At onepager.design we offer you the design of your One Pager following the values and the brand identity of your startup. If you have not been able to develop the communication strategy or the brand system of your startup yet, we try to find the style and tone that best suits your product or service, considering the target audience of the document, the target to which your startup is focused on and the format.


Who are we?

Soluble is a team of strategic professionals who work from Barcelona for European and American startups and consolidated companies. An agile studio, with agile methodologies, that helps teams achieve their goals, creating coherent brand identities that are recognizable in all contact points.

Branding through strategy, design and development for the creation of successful brands. Soluble branding.